1. ✌️pre-order our new EP “Colors” through @jauntrecords ✌️


  2. Just premiered our new single “Moonbeams” via our friends @yvynyl

    You can pre-order the new EP “Colors” here!




  5. see you soon.



  7. We have a new LP called “Predictions” coming out November 4th

    Pre-order the 12” Vinyl or CD here, via Stroll On Records


  8. † sick promo for our new cassingle vid courtesy of Auris Apothecary! †

    ~~ check out the tracks here, tapes come IN A CAPRI SUN POUCH ~~


  9. Bloomington’s favorite iced coffee cart Uel Zing was blasting some throwback tides tunes last Friday!

    Check out the featured party tunes here on bandcamp, and find the easter egg on our newly reformatted Tumblr to get
    FREE: SELF-TITLED, TROPICAL DREAMS, and PSYCHIC SUMMER cassettes shipped straight to your door!

    First three correct messages win - just throw a description, your address, and email into our ASK BOX we’ll throw them in the mail!


  10. just saw some sweet photos from our first show as a 4-piece last Friday on the Musical Family Tree website

    releasing our split 7” with Laser Background tonight in Bloomington at Russian Recording with labelmates Technicolor Teeth and bloomingfriends Thee Tsunamis! (fb)